the dominion

From 2004 until 2010 I contributed once-monthly illustrations to The Dominion, a co-operatively run alternative media enterprise that brought grassroots news and stories, particularly of topics ignored or underrepresented by Canada’s mainstream media, to the fore. I contributed over 45 illustrations and cartoons that accompanied stories that reported on indigenous resistance and decolonization, the misdeeds of Canadian mining corporations abroad, environmental destruction in the Alberta oil sands and the consequences of Canadian military intervention in Afghanistan. We constructed an alternative history of Canada’s impact on the world during this time, a record worth contrasting against Canada day celebrations. Contribution to this publication was not motivated by profit, most of us did our work for free.

This body of work was art that served community – to give voice, to motivate action among a broader audience. It’s unabashedly political.

Below is a selection of illustrations from those six years.


Angela James, the first woman recognized by Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame, after 65 years of defining history and distinction in the sport

These spots caricatured the world leaders coming to dine at the G8 meetings in Toronto


I did this cover for the G8/G20 issue, but the editors “killed” it. Leaders feast upon the world….


Resisting the coming 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.


Pregnant women deserve self-determination in their health care. Should midwifes in Nova Scotia be allowed hospital-based practice?


Social services feel pressure after the 2008 global financial crisis.


Celebrating resistance to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics


State of Mine examined the impact of Canadian mining industries at home and abroad


Reporting on the death of Colombian indigenous resister Beliserio Camayo.


Freddy Jolly on Cree hunting ground to be flooded by Hydro Quebec


AECL’s Chalk River nuclear reactor is located beside a sacred sit of petroglyphs on Anishanabe territory. Will the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission ensure the site is safe?


Special issue about environmental, social, and economic impacts of oil sands development in Alberta.


On the theme of homes: Going home for Christmas, bulldozed homes in Gaza, homes burning in Colombia, being homeless in Canada


Two protests: Farmers at Parliament Hill, and Six Nations at Caledonia


Picket line at Pepsi bottling plant in Newfoundland


Protestors from Grassy Narrows (Asubpeeschoseewagon) blockade logging trucks, resist the clear-cutting of their territory and the mercury poisoning of their water