city of hamilton mural

For Canada Day celebrations the City of Hamilton hired me to create a mural that could be run as a communal art activity at the Hamilton waterfront. The drawing was done in ink on paper and stitched together digitally, so it could be printed onto a 3’x32′ roll of paper. Recognizable aspects of Hamilton, like the football stadium, steel mills, and Burlington bay are depicted as is Toronto’s skyline in the distance.

Selection from completed 2015 mural (photography by Jeff Tessier)

Kids and adults were invited to contribute, colour, customize or add to the image, for about three hours from 6pm until 9pm. Jackson Darby, Katie McDonald, Aimee Burnett, Juanita White and Crystal Humphry helped run the activity and contributed to the mural themselves.

Selection from completed 2015 mural (photography by Jeff Tessier)

City of Hamilton may display the 3’x32′ coloured murals at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, eventually (they now how two – completed in 2015 and 2016). Thanks to Jeff Tessier, who allowed me to use his photos documenting the project.

Section from 2015 Hamilton mural (photography by Jeff Tessier)


In progress (photography by Jeff Tessier)