waterfalls mural

Through VIBE Arts I returned to Dr. Davey school (where I previously worked on the Beasley mural) to put together another mural, this time, with grade six students. The theme given our project was “waterfalls”, with each mural requiring “Canada” “150” “1867-2017” as well, given that the funding had come from Canada 150.

Examples of text design and painting techniques from the workshop with all grade six students

For starters we did some brainstorming on how to draw a waterfall, types of waterfalls, painting techniques that could suggest the look of water, as well as font design for the required passages and some open drawing/painting time that was not goal directed as well. Over two days we completed these workshops with the grade six classes.


Participants designed one or more characters to include in the mural


We used a masking technique to add the figures


The final product just before shipping back to VIBE Arts


Look what we found